Nuit Blanche ☀ 2012

Despite my birthday, new years, summer and Christmas, my favorite reminder that another year has passed is always Nuit Blanche. On Saturday night I went to Nuit Blanche which is basically a free all night art exhibit. You most likely need that whole night, because the projects are spread out around the city, and there is lots to see. Similar to new years, Nuit Blanche is a night where the city suddenly seems as populated as you know it is. Everyone comes from their respective areas to enjoy a long night of adventure, oddity and creation. It is the night where I find myself walking down streets I've never come across. With projects and crowds of people in familiar places, places you haven't found the time to get to and places you've never heard of. It gives the night a perfect mixture of wonder, exploration, discovery, shenanigans, foot pain and just about anything else you can think of.
This year I had been seeing that people were complaining about Nuit Blanche saying things like 'it got boring' or 'just another excuse to get shit-faced,' and while the second thing might be true (for some), I definitely think Nuit Blanche could never be anything close to boring. Given that you it as chance and take it as what it is. I don't really see the logic in making a decision about an event, that attracts thousands upon thousands of all different people, by the small group of people that choose to be stupid about it. And you know what - yeah, there are lines, welcome to life. The people who don't take the time to look through at least a few names or descriptions of the projects, are obviously the people that think it is boring. (And the people who can't remember their night the next day, are obviously the ones who think that it is boring too.) The most simple project that might not catch your attention or the project you hear ladies chuckling "I don't get it" at, will have a whole back story on what it's about, and that for me is the best part. The ideas behind what you see will most likely help you to see it in a new light. You don't have to like it or get it, but isn't that part of the fun? I had my decent camera in my bag and forgot about it completely, so I'll share a few phone pictures I managed to remember to take.

"Glow in the Park"
Friend: Epiphany
"Fun House" 
"Green Invaders"
"Top Down"
   All in all, I didn't have as long, reckless and social a night as usual, but my friend and I tackled a good amount of the list I carried around in my pocket. At the end of the night I ran into some friends on the way home who had just come out, I passed my list on to them - till next year Nuit Blanche!


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