DIY ☀ Turn Stuff You Don't Like to Stuff You Do Like!

I guess you could say I have a problem with throwing things out, when I realize I don't use something or wear something anymore I always try and make it work somehow before it leaves my house. Something that I find pretty fun is turning stuff I don't like into stuff I do like! Best of all it's free. Today I took an old lace headband and necklace that I never wore, and made it into a bracelet that you could also wear as a necklace.

It is really simple and looks cute paired with other bracelets!

All you need:
☀ piece of lace (cut a stretchy headband, scraps of lace, etc)
☀ chain that connects (old necklace, etc)
☀ pliers
☀ scissors
☀ needle & thread (closest colour you can find to your lace)


Depending on how long the chain is, you may have to adjust the length, shorter for a bracelet, longer for a necklace. 
Keep in mind: 
You can wrap the chain multiple times around your wrist.
You want to make it a bit longer than the lace because it will be wrapped around the lace.

Once you've put the chain back together, lay it beside the lace. 
(My lace seemed to be a lot shorter than my chain, but the lace is stretchy and the chain will become shorter as it is wrapped.)

Twirl the lace up and pull it at both ends so it's not super tight .. but not loose :p
At one end, hold the beginning of the lace with the area right under the clip on the chain and twirl the chain around the lace.

Sew the lace around the ends of your chain so it hides the chain.
Sew in and out of the lace - connecting the lace to various chain links along the way (making sure the chain will stay in place and not slide around along the lace.)
It also helps with bringing in any lace that might be sticking out in a weird way.

Keep going and sew up the other side with lace just like the first.
Secure the thread, use some clear nail polish to help it stay in place, and you're done!

Two things that collected dust in my closet, have turned into something I might actually wear. c:

On its own:

Paired with other things:

As a necklace:
(For a longer necklace: longer lace & chain)

☀ Hope you enjoyed :) ☀


  1. this is so creative

  2. it's so satisfactory to turn two things you don't use in something useful!
    It's nice and delicate! well done! :D

    1. It really is! So much better than just tossing it :)
      Aw thankyou so much, happy you like it!