Nail of the Day / Black Tip French Manicure

Hey there, Hailey here for another nail of the day! This time I'm on the job hunt again, so I had to trade in my fun, colourful nails for a more subtle, classic look. Instead of doing the trusty white tip, I decided to do a black tip french manicure! 
The polishes I used will be at the end of the post.

I didn't use a kit, just some tape, here's how I did it:

Step One: Start with clean bare nails or a base coat. For this look I decided to use a beige as my first layer, you could also just leave the nail bare and do the tips with a top coat, it would be easier.
I chose the beige though because it evens out my nail and makes the black pop a bit more.

Step Two: Find a bottle of nail polish/ any other cosmetic container with a circular top! 
Put a piece of scotch tape on it and cut along the circle on one side. 

Step Three: Place your cut piece of tape on your nail so that the circular end goes along the tips of your fingernail and the rectangular end is on your skin.

☮ Peel the tape off horizontally along your nail while it's still wet and you have a nice mildly curved line! 

(Don't forget to wipe off any excess nail polish from your skin with a q-tip, etc)

Step Four: Do this to each nail, seal with a top coat for shine & last and that's it! 

☮ Finished - without top coat

☮ Finished - with top coat
(The difference is much more noticeable in person!) 

Hope you enjoyed this look. 

The colours I used for this look:

Sally Hansen - (Doesn't have an actual name but is clearly just black)

Sally Hansen - Cafe Au Lait (220)

Hope you had a lovely weekend!