DIY ☀ Knuckle/Midi Rings!

I've been seeing midi rings around a lot and it inspired me to make some of my own.
It's easy and inexpensive, you can make as many as you want!


What I used:

You will need:
☀ Craft Wire, 20 gauge or thicker
☀ Ruler
☀ Jewelry Pliers (round nose if you have them, I didn't and they turned out fine)
☀ Something round, roughly the size of your finger (sharpie, pen, battery, mascara, ect)

Step 1

Measure 2-3 inches of wire and cut.
Wrap the wire around the object that is about the same size as your finger,
then try it on and make any other adjustments so it fits just right.

Step 2

With the pliers snip off any extra wire that you don't need.
Grab the tip of the wire with the pliers and bend it around in a circle until it touches itself again.

Step 3

Flatten the rounded ends so they will be flush with the back of your finger.
That's it!

~In the future I would probably choose a thicker gauge, 
this one was easy to manipulate but I feel a thicker wire would be more sturdy in the long run! :)

Using the same method on eye pins:

With an eye pin of whatever thickness your prefer,
trim and bend it the same way as mentioned above.

Using jump rings:

Using any two pliers, grab both sides of the crease already there and pull,
the smaller the opening, the higher the ring will be.

Hope you enjoyed!



  1. I am so happy I've found your blog.. Multiple DIY projects are planned for this weekend!! Thank you so much for sharing!



  2. I'm happy that yoou're happy you found my blog! Hehe hope you have fun doing the DIY projects, they are addictive, be warned! :p
    Thanks for reading x