Haul: Antique Weekend

Hey guys! Hopefully many of you have had a fun filled summer, whether it was traveling to a new country, or exploring the one you live in. I know there's lots of people out there like me, who were stuck working one or two jobs, trying to make the most of summer on their days off. In which case, you probably had to get a little creative. 
I wasn't able to travel outside of Canada, or travel very far inside Canada, so I had two little trips that acted as vacation for me. I went to Quebec for a few days since I had never been, and I spent a weekend exploring the smaller towns outside my city, going in and out of antique shops.
I'm not an antique collector on a specific mission, but I love walking through shops and warehouses looking at items from all different eras. It's interesting and you never know what bargain you might find. Whether it's retro, vintage, antique, or something modern for a good price, it's nice to find things outside of your usual mall or online shops. It's nice to break free of habits and find something that will have a story behind it. 

I got a fifth camera to add to my slow growing collection for $10. A cute purse for $12 and a silver bracelet for $10. I also got some decoration pieces, a candle holder/ decoration of endless possibility, and a sign from a retro themed store that sold everything from Wurlitzer jukeboxes to 50's inspired kitchen sets. I also picked up a beautiful clear quartz cluster for $20.

Hope you liked one of my finds!

Thanks for reading,


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