Nail of the Day: Spring!

Hey there!
Here to share another nail design. There is something about the sun and warmer weather that makes me more adventurous with my nails. During the winter I tend to stick to solid, darker colours. But the sun and blooming of all the flowers and trees has inspired me!

All you will need for this look:
- Base coat (optional)
- 2 different colours 
- something to make dots (toothpick, cut off q-tip, sewing pin, bobby pin)
- top coat/sparkle polish (optional)

The look:

Step 1:

Prep nails with a base coat

Step 2:

Paint your first layer, then a second layer if necessary!

Step 3:

With your second colour, make dots in the middle of your nail right above your cuticle.

Step 4:

Put a top coat over your nails for extra shine!
I like using this one with subtle sparkles because I find the sparkles help the polish last longer and make it harder to chip.

You're done, so easy!


Some things you can use to make dots:

The polishes I used for this look:

love&beauty - "Lavender"

Revlon - "Entice" 190

Sally Hansen - "Perky Pink" 401

❤Thanks for reading❤

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