Wishing I Was On The Beach

Oh, how I wish it was me that just returned from relaxing on the beach in Jamaica! But it wasn't, I was here in the snow instead. Much to my enjoyment, I still received some lil gifts from Jamaica, aw thanks Mom! Really, let me hug you, I love this shirt, so I thought I'd share! I can't wait until warmer weather when I can properly wear it. The material is really pretty, the crochet style top, the cut and lace details are adorable, I see myself months from now on a hunt for more shirts like this.

She also got me some dreamy smelling incense, a lighter, a bracelet and a hacky sack. I will admit I've given hacky sacks a try in the past and wasn't great, and this time around was no different. Except, this time I have determination! Eventually I kept the hacky sack up 5 times before I kicked it across the room and figured optimal hacky sacking probably occurred outdoors with friends, summer hurry up!

❤Thanks for reading❤


  1. The shirt is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it! I too hope summer comes soon, I don't think I can cope with the dreary weather I'm having in England, can't imagine how bored you must be of snow in Canada!



    1. I'm glad you like it too :) And I know the weather has just been horrible, I feel your pain! What I wouldn't give for a full day of sunlight! We don't have to wait too much longer, hang in there haha