Ootd ☀ Job Fair / Errands

I had my second job fair in the past two weeks yesterday and it seemed more hopeful than the first one! I had three places that seemed interested, but while waiting in line for another quick interview, a lady from The Gap came and told he she was interested in hiring me (we had spoken earlier). I am hopefully going to be getting official confirmation in the next couple days, I can't wait to have a job again! I don't want to jinx anything though, fingers crossed! It's been far too long, but anyways on to my outfit(s).

For the job fair I wore mostly black, with black tights and black suede wedged booties, that aren't pictured. (I didn't manage to snap many pictures before leaving.)
I wore
Black blazer from H&M
Black skirt from Dynamite 
Black tights from Shoppers (the cheap kind)
White & pink tank from Aritzia 
Necklace from Claire's 

Afterwards, I changed out of this outfit for obvious reasons, and into something more suitable for the rest of my day.

I wore
Denim shirt from Value Village
Black tank from Forever 21
Necklace from The Bay
Floral Skirt from Aritzia 
Black tights from Shoppers 
Ring from Claire's

Revlon Color Burst "Carnation" (025)


Hope you enjoyed this post! :)



  1. Good luck with the job! Both your outfits are so nice, I always like blazers from H&M. I love the colour of your lipstick too!


    1. Aw thankyou! You really can't go wrong with them, I find they fit a lot nicer than some others that make me feel boxy - no thanks.
      Followed you, thanks for commenting! <3