DIY ☀ Multiple Chain Bracelet

This bracelet is super easy to make and a really simple look. It will also put to use any leftover chain you have lying around. I used bits that I had around, and you could use as many as you can fit on the jump ring. I used 4 short pieces of chain for this one and added 2 embellishments.

You will need:
4 jump rings
4 (or more/less) strands of chain
2 embellishments
1 clasp
Jewelry pliers

Step 1: Lay out your chains so that they are parallel. Trim them so they fit nicely around your wrist.

Step 2: Open up a jump ring with jewelry pliers and slide on one end of each chain.
Step 3: While the jump ring is open, slide on a clasp.
Step 4: With the jewelry pliers, close up the jump ring.

Step 5: Open up a new jump ring with jewelry pliers. Slide the opposite ends of the chains on it, and close it back up.

Step 6: Open up 2 jump rings, and put the embellishments on. I took these off another type of chain. Keep the jump rings open since you will be putting them on the bracelet.

Step 7: Choose 2 places where you want the embellishments to be. Loop one of the open jump rings through a link on each chain and close the jump ring with jewelry pliers, repeat in the other spot.

That's it! The embellishments bunch the chains together where you put them and it adds a cute little bit of detail to a standard multiple chain bracelet.

Hope you liked this bracelet!
Bye for now <3


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    1. Aw glad you think so, thanks so much! :)
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