Nail of the Day

Hi there! My nail of the day was something I did kind of quickly so I didn't photograph each step but it is an easy enough look to create, so hopefully my explanation will suffice! For this look I started off using scotch tape, but I found I had to wait extra long for a coat to dry or else nail polish would come off with the tape and the line had to be touched up after. I decided to try some electrical tape and it worked much better, no nail polish got under the tape or anything like that. I'm not sure if anyone else has that problem with scotch tape, but if you do, try using electrical tape.
All you need to do for this look is choose two different colors.
Apply any sort of base coat, if you fancy.
The color that you want the stripe to be, is the color that goes on first.
Wait for that to dry, cut tape into strips and place them on your nails.
With the second color, paint over the first color and the tape.
Remove the tape, s l o w l y, for best results.
Do a top coat and you're finished!
If you want a contrasting nail:
 Switch the first and second colors, repeat the steps.


The colors I used for the look are:

Sally Hansen- Insta-Dri, "Mint Sprint" (440)

Zoya, "Wednesday" (ZP619)
(I'm in love with this one!)

Thanks for reading! 


  1. These nails are gorgeous. I love the idea of the two tones, very nice. :)

    Sarah x

    1. Glad you liked the look! It reminds me of the sea a bit :)
      Thanks for stopping by!! Followed you

  2. Replies
    1. Thankyoou, glad you liked them! (: