DIY ☀ Necklaces

Hey there. I was killing time before going to the beach the other day and I decided to make a necklace to wear. It turned out pretty nice so I decided to make some more, and a DIY.

Making these kinds of necklaces isn't very hard, and everything is up to you! You can use thick chain, thin chain, big pendants, small pendants, one chain, two chains, five chains. No matter what you choose, the way to make them is pretty much the same. It's all about experimentation.

You will need:
Chain (new / recycled)
Pendants / Charms (new / recycled)
Jump rings
Jewelry pliers


Step 1: Open up some jump rings in advance, to make things easy for yourself. (3 or more depending on how many pendants you will put on. Some don't need to be attached with a jump ring, some do, it depends how it falls naturally.) Put a charm on one jump ring, a clasp on another, and leave one empty.

Step 2: Measure out your chain. For the layered chain style, make one piece of chain slightly or substantially longer than the first. Check in the mirror, to see how and where you want each chain to fall, keep in mind some pendants are heavy and will hang lower. Once you have both your lengths, trim the chain and lay them out.

Step 3: Now it's time to put the pendant on. You want to find the exact middle of your chain and attach it. (Or slide it on) Once it's on, close the jump ring.

Step 4: Once you've attached everything you want, lay the chains back out. Shorter chain inside longer chain. You want to attach the chains onto the jump rings in a way that won't get all twisted. I find laying it out helps keep track of what is supposed to go where. Take an open jump ring, attach one end of each chain. Close the jump ring.

Step 5: Take the other end of the chains, and attach them to the jump ring with the clasp. Close the jump ring.

Now you are done! It should look something like this-

When making necklaces you use those basic steps.

Close everything up nice and tight and you're ready to go.

Hope you enjoyed reading!


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