DIY ☀ Chain Bracelet

I came across some really pretty leafy chain in the store the other day and decided to make some bracelets with it. I thought it would also be nice as a necklace but I had a bit of rusted-looking chain that had been sitting around forever and used them together. The leaves with the rustic chain seemed like a good combo. I forgot to take step by step pictures of this one but it's very easy! :)


All you will need:
Jewelry pliers
Two different kinds of chain
Jump rings (smaller the better)
Lobster claw clasp


Step 1: Measure out how much of each chain you will need. Each chain only needs to wrap around your wrist once. *Keep in mind that you will be adding a jump ring on either ends and a clasp, so that will add to the overall length of the bracelet. It will matter if you're going for a very specific fit, otherwise not so much.

Step 2: Using jewelry pliers open up a jump ring and attach one end of each chain. While it's still open slip on your clasp. Close the jump ring.

Step 3: Just like in the last step, put the remaining loose ends of the chains on another opened jump ring. On this side instead of a clasp you can add any sort of small link, an extra jump ring or just leave it and have the clasp attach straight to the jump ring. Close the jump ring & it's wearable!

There you go, a nice bracelet! Hope you enjoyed reading! :)


  1. This is insane.. I'd literally buy that!! What an awesome DIY! Thank you so much for sharing (and let me know when you set up shop.. Hehe)



    1. Haha aw thank-you so much! What a compliment, I'm glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by, you'll be the first to know if I ever set up shop ;) Have a lovely day and thanks for stoppin by x

  2. Very pretty, well done :D