Let the Prints Do the Talking

Yesterday my outfit revolved around this skirt that I can't get enough of. Usually, I wear solid everything with it because I don't want to be too busy, if that makes sense. The thing is I found these really cute bralet-lace-sportsbra-type-things, at La Senza (buy 1 get 1 half) so I got one in a vibrant blue and another in leopard print. Me and leopard print have a love hate relationship, I love it, then I won't, then I will, and so on. The bandeau is cute and I decided to go all out and wear two of the same print, but it's subtle. I do have a small leopard print chained purse but I decided that would be going too far. Kudos to the people who can go crazy and wear outfits that are creepily yet awesomely matched head to toe, like this guy...

...ok he's just awesome.

On to my outfit!

La Senza


No cardigan and no tights! The warm weather is officially here!
(No tan either but hey)
I just thought it was cute having a bit of lace pop out of the crop top, I also felt like a diva, but gotta feel like a diva every now and then right?
Hope you enjoyed!



  1. so cute! just stared following your blog :) would love if you followed back :)


  2. Thankyou! Glad you stopped by :) x

  3. Great diva outfit, xoxo.

    1. Hehe I'm glad you think so! Thanks for stopping by x