First Post!

Decided to start a blog, I'm going to keep my first post short and sweet, because I'm not entirely sure what the blog will turn into. I do know it will be beauty, clothing, and DIY inspired. I've been doing the whole personal blog thing for too long, and I'm ready for a change! I'll probably post about things from my outfit to nail colour to something fun I came across that I want to try (and share of course!) I'm Hailey and I'm just another girl that never grew out of dress up, and actually enjoys getting ready in the morning (most of the time). That's all for now, I'll hopefully have another post up soon! :)


  1. Hope to see more post from you ^^

    Followed you back <3

    1. I'm so glad you do! I should have another post up today c:
      Thankyou lovely! xo